Creating meaningful value from the wellhead to the market



Domestic crude oil purchasing, transportation, trading and marketing are the foundation of our business.

To create meaningful value in every aspect of the supply chain which will benefit our oil and gas producers and refiner customers.

Infinity purchases crude oil and condensate directly from the wellhead and manages all transportation, trading and marketing downstream. Our expertise in gathering and aggregating multiple grades of crude oil proficiently through truck, barge, pipeline and rail transportation allows us to provide safe and reliable movement of production, thereby minimizing risk and maximizing value. Our experience, long term relationships and market awareness gives us the ability to capitalize on trade opportunities in all major producing regions of the country which enables us to offer competitive pricing that benefits all of our customers.

For many producers, Infinity provides revenue distribution to interest owners and payment of taxes to the appropriate taxing authority. In addition, Infinity researches historical market values for companies involved in acquisition, divestiture and exploration programs that allows them to accurately project revenues for budgeting purposes.

For our markets, managing the day to day process of gathering and aggregating crude oil and condensate from multiple fields provides considerable savings. Infinity has the capability to consistently deliver large volumes of various crude oil qualities to major trade locations and refineries.


All of these services add value and give our suppliers and markets the ability to dedicate more time and resources to their core business.